SILK & Organic Cochineal

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Beautiful scarf made in 100% Chinese silk. This is the highest quality silk in the world and this Mexican rebozo is woven on a back strap loom with up to 5,000 threads. 

The silk is dyed with natural dyes only - in this case using cochineal (a natural dye obtained from an insect) and it requires many washes to obtain this deep bright pink. 

The scarf is very soft and feels much thicker than industrial silk, because it is tightly woven. 

Made by Alberto, you can see a picture of him at work on his back-strap loom. 

·       Ethically sourced from Sta Maria del Rio, Mexico
·       100% Handmade in a family workshop
·       145 x 45 cm (plus fringes)
·       100% Finest Silk

Rebozos are not just scarves, they are unique, non-mass produced works of art. Non-disposable fashion, for those who care how their clothes are made.
Our mission is to play a small role in preserving these traditions for future generations by trading directly with the artisans, paying a fair price and donating 50% of all our profits back to the community.

·       Hand wash recommended. 
·       No tumble-drier, lay flat to dry, away from sunlight. Do not wring.
·       Because rebozos are entirely hand made, very small imperfections may occur from time to time, however this is part of the charm!