Organic scarf. Banana skin dye

50 GBP

· Ethically sourced from Oaxaca, Mexico
· Handmade on a foot loom
· 170 x 35 cm (plus fringes)
· 100%  Organic Dyes - banana skin & bark
· Other uses: blanket scarf, throw, shrug

One of kind luxury scarf made from soft yet thick cotton, this Mexican rebozo is perfect as a blanket scarf, a warm wrap or an elegant pashmina.

This one is a really luxurious piece, the cotton weave is thick yet super soft and lush and has a very subtle zig zag pattern. The fringes or tassels are then tied by hand, making each piece individual and unique.

Handwoven in a traditional foot loom, the cotton is grown locally and dyed by hand with a local tree bark. The process is time consuming yet very eco-friendly and of low environmental impact. A single rebozo can take up to 10 days to make.

Rebozos are not just scarves, they are unique, non-mass produced works of art. Non-disposable fashion, for those who care how their clothes are made. As usual, we help promote sustainable employment for the communities we work with.

·       Hand wash recommended.
·       No tumble-drier, lay flat to dry, away from sunlight. Do not wring.
·       Because rebozos are entirely hand made, very small imperfections may occur from time to time, however this is part of the charm!