Chunky Necklace

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These beautiful chunky necklaces were crafted from the off cuts a Mexican rebozo. 

This teething necklace is safe for babies, while also looking great. Avoid hair pulling, loosing your earrings or broken necklace chains. These necklaces are a great alternative and they also provide a safe teether for your baby.

They are made with natural unfinished beads and hand wrapped with a cotton rebozo. It is all fabric and they tie around the neck nicely, so you can adjust the length.

Available in the following colours: orange, hot pink, light pink, brown, ultramarine blue, dark blue.

A bit about the manufacturing process: the rebozo (the fabric with which the necklace is made) is one of the most labor-intensive garments on earth. Before any looming begins, the threads are wrapped with thousands of knots and dyed, then the knots are removed — a process known as ikat. Like with all our products, we work directly with the artisans and always pay a fair price. This necklace is perfect for those who care how & where their fashion accessories come from.