LOVE Wedding Bunting


This Mexican bunting, known as "papel picado" (or cut paper) is the perfect decoration for indoor and outdoor weddings.

The strip comes with one with the word LOVE. They create a beautiful effect as they flap gently in the wind. It is now available in two sizes: medium and large (see below for more details).

Although it looks laser cut, the paper is cut by Mexican artisans, who use a hammer and chisels to create the designs on stacks of tissue paper. These colourful and intricate banners are used to decorate Mexican street parties, festivals, Christmas, christenings, weddings and birthday parties!

- Small size: Total length 4.5 metres (5 yards), with each individual flag measuring 34 x 23 cm and 10 flags in total.
- Large size: Total length 6 meters (6.5 yards), with each individual flag measuring 45 x 35 cm and 11 flags in total.
- Both sizes have string to tie with at each end.
- The medium is shown on the blue background, the large is on the beige background above.
- Each strand features 10 flags
- 100% recyclable paper

We work directly with the artisans from Puebla, Mexico and ensure we always pay a fair price for their work and help to provide sustainable employment for the communities we work with.

We recommend using at least 3 strips for maximum effect. The strip can be hung from any wall without nails as it's so light, even blue tack will do. A cost-effective way of decorating your special day!

The strip can be cut shorter if needed.  Please note bunting is not a toy, keep children away from string.