LISO. Forest Green Rebozo

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This rebozo is made in a beautiful forest green. Perfect for block colour trends as it is made in a solid colour, without a pattern throughout.

This rebozo is perfect to be worn as a scarf or shawl. The cotton is thick, lush and ultra soft. It looks very elegant, so it can also be worn as a wedding accessory or to brighten up any outfit. Perfect for spring!

Made by Socorro, one of the four artisans we work with. 

At Chilpa we are passionate about empowering the artisans we work with. Our mission is to play a small role in preserving these traditions for future generations by trading directly with the artisans, paying a fair price and donating 2% of all our profits back to the community. Rebozos are not just scarves, they are factory-free, non-mass produced works of art. 

Medio (medium): approx. 160 cm long by 68 cm wide (ideal as a scarf or substantial shawl)

As always, 100% cotton and 100% handmade. 
Hand wash recommended. 
Machine wash in gentle cycle. No tumble-drier, lay flat to dry, away from sunlight. Do not wring.