55 GBP

Made from soft cotton, this ethically traded Mexican rebozo is perfect for people who love fashion and want to look chic, with an ethical touch.

The colours and length means it can be worn my men and women alike.

It looks and feels luxurious because it is made of very soft cotton - and woven with skill and care!

Using an ikat method it is handwoven in dark blues with touches of yellow, white and brown. The ikat pattern is achieved by hand drawing the cotton and then tying each cotton strand and removing the ties after dyeing, creating the pattern. The colours are not printed. The cotton is then handwoven in a foot loom by expert artisans. This method requires no electricity or petrol, so it has a very low environmental impact.

This rebozo has a lovely pattern on the fringes, which are knotted together by hand, one by one.

Because they are hand made, slight colour variations may occur. However we think this is part of the charm!

- Hand wash recommended. If you must, machine wash in gentle cycle. 
- No tumble-drier, lay flat to dry, away from sunlight. 
- Do not wring.
- Approx. 130cm long by 60cm wide. Plus fringes