AZTEKITA. Blue & White

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·       Ethically sourced from Tenancingo, Mexico
·       100% Handmade in a family workshop
·       160 x 68 cm (plus fringes)
·       100% Cotton
·       Our most popular rebozo size
Made from a soft cotton weave, this Mexican rebozo is perfect as a scarf, pashmina or wrap. The cotton is lush and ultra soft. It looks and feels luxurious and elegant, but it can also be worn to brighten up any outfit. Perfect for unpredictable weather.

Rebozos are super versatile: team up with a mac or summer jacket, wear it as an elegant pashmina with an evening dress, wrap it around a cardigan, or accessorise your wedding day!

This rebozo comes in a beautiful sky blue or dark blue.

Handwoven in a traditional Spanish foot-treadle loom, the fringes are finished off by tying or knotting the threads, all by hand. A single rebozo may require up to 1,000 knots. Rebozos have a thread count of  3,800 to 5,000 threads. A single rebozo can take 10 artisans up to 30 days to make.
Rebozos are not just scarves, they are unique, non-mass produced works of art. Non-disposable fashion, for those who care how their clothes are made.
Our mission is to play a small role in preserving these traditions for future generations by trading directly with the artisans, paying a fair price and donating 50% of all our profits back to the community.
·       Hand wash recommended. 
·       If you must, machine wash in gentle cycle. No tumble-drier, lay flat to dry, away from sunlight. Do not wring.
·       Because rebozos are entirely hand made, very small imperfections may occur from time to time, however this is part of the charm!